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Dental TIPS

Learn the secrets to a happy and affordable dental appointment!

Make these tips part of your dental hygiene habits and you will be on your way to a great dental health. Making your regular checkups mostly preventive; this will not only make your visits enjoyable, it will also save money.

Secret number: 1

Floss every day. It’s the single most important factor in preventing gum disease. The more often you floss, the tougher your gums become.

Secret Number: 2

Brush your teeth for at least two to three minutes twice daily. If you are not sure whether you are brushing long enough simply brush for the length of an entire song on the radio.

Secret Number: 3

Change your toothbrush, before the bristles become splayed and frayed. Or every 2-3 months

Secret Number: 4

If you drink sugary beverages through a straw, you reduce the number of time sugars are in contact with your teeth and minimize the risk of cavities.

Secret Number: 5

X-Ray your teeth every 6 months, that way your doctor can check if everything is developing correctly or if they need to take action to correct something on time

Secret Number: 6

Make an appointment to see your dentist every 6 months.Make your appointment: call 281-463-4333 We are open: Monday- Friday 1pm-7pm

Or go online and request your appointment 24/7 at:

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